90- Day Mind & Body Reset

Are you…

-Feeling sluggish or struggling with digestive discomfort?

-Not losing excess weight despite changes in your diet or exercise?

-Stressed, stuck, and overwhelmed with information to make changes?

-Completely over weight-loss supplements and disappointing one-size-fits-all ‘magic’ systems?

I hear you & I’ve got you!

I understand because I’ve been there.

Once upon a time, I was suffering to get through the day, losing energy shortly after waking, bloating after every meal, and never getting a good night’s rest. These were just some of the symptoms- my body’s way of saying, “Help! Something is wrong.

I learned how to explore and expose the root causes, heal through holistic methods and committed to growing in a happy-healthy lifestyle. As your coach, it’s my job to guide you through every step with accountability, support, and a little tough love to make the journey as smooth as possible.

It’s your job to simply show up for yourself like never before.

Start with your FREE Discovery Session to focus on where you are & where you want to be.


Why It Works


We may all be human- women, sisters, mothers, workers, creators- but every mind and body is still unique.

This is a 90-day, intensive program with 12 weeks of private coaching, each week building from a foundation of holistic methods that focus on physical, emotional, and mental wellness. This structure is customized to match your needs for lasting, happy-healthy results.

You will learn holistic ways to:

  • Turn overwhelm into positive action

  • Build a unique nutrition plan for your body

  • Strengthen your confidence & relationship with food

  • Fortify your intuition & hear what your symptoms are telling you

  • Create routines that are flexible around your work & life balance

  • Connect your mind & body through spiritual nourishment & healing

  • Replace habits that no longer serve you with a growth mindset for the happy-healthy you deserve


How It Works


Inside the Program-

With your needs & dreams on the table, we will begin to explore your routines, nutrition goals, and wellness plan. Our sessions are shared within a shame-free, trustworthy space for your complete peace of mind.

You will complete check-ins, align your focus and confront any pain points that arise with grace, as you move forward.

You’ll will receive:

  • An ‘Anchor’ of your choice- my gift to you to help ground your intentions

  • Creative experiences & action steps in every session

  • Handouts and/or journal assignments to guide you through each exercise

  • 1:1 private coaching sessions each week; a total of 12 sessions

  • 24/7 support via email for questions or concerns

Who this program is not for…

The Mind & Body Reset is not for everyone (and that’s okay)!

You will only see results with commitment and willingness to change habits that no longer serve you. Sometimes that means to be willing to confront real fears and diligent digging into not-so-pretty parts of life. While I promise to do my best to help this process as seamless as possible, there is work in your part!

If you are unsure about your next step, book a complimentary discovery session with me to gain clarity around the direction that will best serve you!

The 90-Day Mind & Body Reset was very revealing and I needed it more than I even thought I did. Anyone would benefit from an internal assessment and reboot of their life. That’s what it was like for me. The program was innovative, creative, personalized and a unique way to explore and cleanse every aspect of your being. It helped me see health and wellness with a fresh perspective. I am stronger physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I feel like I have the tools necessary to begin the next chapter of my life.
— Kimberly E., FL