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About Your Coach

Hi, I’m Alexa- your coach & wellness advocate. :)

Hi, I’m Alexa- your coach & wellness advocate. :)

I found my way into the world of holistic wellness after being diagnosed with Lyme Disease and several co-infections, over 12 years ago. After being blindly misguided through various treatments and solutions, I took my health back into my own hands and began learning holistic ways to address my body’s physical needs.

Along the way, I've continued to learn ( & heal) through nutrition, lifestyle changes, and exercise. As a Holistic Health & Life Coach, I am dedicated to helping others uncover the root causes of their struggles, reboot their energy, and plant changes that will grow their natural happy-healthy. 

On the side, I'm a passionate artist who adores animals, adventures, photography, free diving, sketching… & most hippie stuff! 

With love & light- Lex