How I Fell For Holistic Wellness

 Since I was a child, I've been battling for functional health & well-being. What started as severe (excruciating) "growing pains" when I was 11, turned into multiple infections a few months and many opinions later. The diagnostic list was an ugly brew of Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and several co-infections spread by ticks and mosquitoes. I spent months in bed, leashed to an IV streaming 6 variations of antibiotics throughout the day. None of which could kick the bugs (pun intended). 

Taking breaks in between treatment, I'd try to return to school. This only weakened any progress as inflammation riddled my system back to where I started, often worse. After a serious collapse my freshmen year of high school, it became clear that whatever the antibiotics were doing wasn't enough. I was exhausted from IV pokes and pic lines, restless from chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety. My uncle was a brilliant man with a priceless grasp on holistic medicine. He began studying alternative ways to help my body fight back. His research provided new insights into biological toxins and other routes for treatment.

I began college in 2012. Between my first and second year, I noticed returning symptoms, medicating inflammation, migraines, sinus infections, insomnia, tremors, and digestive pain with Advil, sinus sprays, and Benadryl. By the last semester of my third year, symptoms kept leaking and I couldn't hold up the dam wall. Lab findings revealed that my system was trashed by Mold Toxins and previous damage was unleashing even more gunk into my bloodstream. During this round of treatment, I issued a withdrawal from school, received another pic line insertion for IV therapy, and was prescribed medications to prevent panic/seizures. New side effects followed: chronic adrenal fatigue, ovarian cyst ruptures, memory loss, depression, and pancreatitis. My hair began falling out, my skin was constantly irritated, and my joints felt like rusted metal. Needless to say, I was bummed but determined to figure out another way to live. 

My uncle passed away right before I dropped out of college, his voice forever reminding me of natural ways to care for the body and mind. I started with the initial information he illuminated about health and healing: the symptoms are often more complicated than the cure. Then it hit me. The symptoms were puzzle pieces and there wasn’t enough in the treatments that prepared my system for long-term endurance.

This was one of two keys to the doorway between being a helpless patient and an advocate for my well-being. I simply couldn’t predict every situation or rate of exposure, so I focused on strengthening my body's ability to clear the sludge, heal the damage, and nurture itself back to optimal function.  This involved a total mind & body reset. 

I took out the pic line, ditched the meds, and refused any more treatments. Starting with the foundation of building back my immune system and gently detoxing the waste, I used herbal tinctures, CBD oils, and essential oils. I revamped my lifestyle around proper nutrition for what my system needed for daily ass-kicking. Within a few months, my immune response improved and the toxins were lower than they had been in years (lab verified). I protected this tactic and fortified it with continuous learning.

Over the following year, I fell in love with herbs, raw food, exercise, and meditation. The joint pain completely subsided, digestive upsets were few and far between, my energy bounced back, and I didn’t have a single tremor. Constructing a bridge for intuition, I learned to to hear what my body needed before it became another symptom. 

This was the second key: realizing the potential to care for my own body and disciplining myself to maintain it. As a whole, I understood myself like no one else could or ever will. The body holds its own answers and when supported, it’s perfectly capable and willing to quickly perform. 

All of the ups and downs led to my passion and training as a Holistic Health and Life Coach. I love helping others win back their healthy and happy by simple shifts, with long-term effects. 

Now what? Time for tea! If you’d like to know more about my services or tell me about your story, you can reach out to me here.

-grounded with love & light