Thieves Essential Oil & Uses

In the midst of the 15th Century, an era full of alluring romance and barbaric warfare, a couple of crafty bandits configured a way to rob sickly victims and some of the burial sites of their treasures.  

Their secret? A combination of natural, essential oils that kept them alive in the face of the Black Plague and voided contamination even after direct contact with contagious carries. The concoction playfully earned the name: Thieves Oil. It’s gained quite a bit of popularity in natural cleaners, disinfecting airborne toxins, and therapeutic healing. Each component oil in the blend has unique properties that support its use and safety around children and animals. Modern studies confirm that the Thieves Oil blend is: antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, and immune-stimulating. One of the most common ways to use the raw oil is with an oil diffuser or homemade spray, mixed with water, to detoxify and freshen the air, furniture or carpeting.

Inside the Thieve's Mix: 

Inside the Thieve's Mix: 

  • Clove- Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, it also makes a mean antioxidant
  • Lemon- Antioxidant and natural cleanser 
  • Cinnamon- High in antioxidants, promotes circulation and supports the digestive system 
  • Eucalyptus- Holds the ability to fight bacterial infections, as a topical
  • Rosemary- Energizing, promotes mental alertness, fights fatigue and lung infections 

 For medicinal uses, here are a few ways you can use it.

How to Apply like a Thief:

  • Acne: Put a drop of Thieves oil diluted with Almond Oil on the affected area(s) to soothe inflammation and kill infection under the skin.

  • Wounds: Dilute 2-3 drops in half a cup of oil and mix well. Apply the mix to cuts or open wounds to prevent infections or promote faster healing.
  • Cold & Flu: Dilute and apply under the feet during season change to avoid getting cold and flu.
  • Bee stings/insect bites: Apply to bee stings and insect bites to relieve pain and neutralize toxins from the insects.
  • Bone Health: Apply with massage oil to joints for pain relief.
  • Toothache: Add a drop or two on to the affected area to get relief from toothache.
  • Lymphatic Detox: Apply two drops mixed with Almond or Coconut Oil on your underarms to detox lymph nodes.
  • Chakra Balancing: Apply to chakra points to balance chakras.
*Sensitivity may vary from one person to another. If your skin is very sensitive you may want to try a heavily diluted mixture with 1/2 a drop or so at first, then increase gradually.
* Understand that essential oils can become toxic if used improperly, you should seek advice from your primary care physician if you have questions or concerns about the effects of essential oils and uses.

You can find Young Living's Thieves Oil and products such as laundry detergent and surface cleaner ready for everyday use, below. Cheers to happy healthy cleaning! :)