Herbal Teas & Tips For Spring Allergies

Whether you're packing up the winter clothes or dipping your toes in warmer waters, Spring is the time for fresh beginnings and new life as Mother Nature shakes out the winter chills. 

Whether you're packing up the winter clothes or dipping your toes in warmer waters, Spring is the time for fresh beginnings and new life as Mother Nature shakes out the winter chills. 

Similar to shimmying dust from rugs around the house in a spring cleaning frenzy, the natural environment has its own way of dusting as plants and older trees produce heavy pollens and molds.

In combination, our bodies also have to counter for accumulated toxins, global warming, and population growth which are responsible for the continuous elevation of air pollutants. These concentrations rise each year, leaving over 50 million people in the US to endure weeks of runny noses, itchy eyes, and some with more serious responses experience frequent fevers & wheezing.

With awareness of environmental threats, there are powerful remedies that aid in symptom relief and even the reversal of allergies altogether. 

Cue the herbal teas.


If you've read my post on anti-inflammatory foods, you know that Ginger is one of my personal favorites for naturally treating a variety of ailments. It has also been used to reverse allergic reactions. Benefits include:

  • A natural antihistamine
  • Anti-inflammatory properties provide relief in the sinuses & joints
  • Calms the stomach and digestive stresses


Contains bioflavonoids: rutin & quercetin which block the release of histamine (the body's allergy response hormone & chemical). A loose leaf infusion will also soothe skin irritations and can be applied directly to the skin. 

  • Naturally caffeine free
  • Used to treat: allergies, cramps, insomnia, & eczema


Stimulates the adrenal glands to produce corticosteroids, which suppress overactive immune responses to allergens & pollutants. 

  • Contains caffeine
  • Suppresses inflammation
  • Opens airways to increase oxygen flow


Lemon Balm is noted for calming effects and is often used to fight colds. Being a mint species, it is very light and airy with uplifting properties, great for children and adults. Other benefits include: 

  • Relief from stomachaches and headaches
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Eases menstrual pains
  • Decreases overall stress in the body 


Peppermint essential oil can be a relieving decongestant when rubbed into the hands and lightly inhaled, others use it in oil diffusers or steamers. Tea blends contain anti-inflammatory compounds and antibacterial properties.


  • Utilize Local Honey: Raw honey is a crowd favorite for anti-inflammatory properties, healthy skin, and a number of benefits for the body. Choosing a blend from your region will guide the immune response to less severe reactions. One of the best places to find truly local honey is at an organic farmer's market. If you're not sure, read the labels and to find the regional source of the honey.
  • Bee Pollen: Another item to grab at the farmer's market, bee pollen is a fascinating miracle worker. It regulates hormones and introduces your body to pure concentrations that aid in anti-inflammatory responses, healing, and reversing allergies. It's great in smoothies or on top of cereal!
  • Yogi Tea: It's very affordable and I trust their brand, sustainable practices, and quality. I highly recommend their Echinacea Immune Support which contains peppermint, as well as a few other very effective herbs that stimulate a healthy immune response. It's prepped in tea bags, so it's easy to brew without fuss from an infuser or strainer. 
  • "Ditch the 'Tea and local honey and natural stuff is just too expensive" mindset.": Common over-the-counter drugs cost a great deal, not just in money but also in side effects and damage to your body. Spending money on natural remedies that care for your body, improve your health, and significantly reduce your present and future suffering is way more bang for your buck. 
Your best bet is to get ahead of the game!

Instead of stocking up on over-the-counter drugs, try stocking your cabinet with a few of these blends. It is crucial to prepare your body and start using them before the symptoms hit! 

I'm living proof that it works. It's been almost 3 years since I've begun to use these diligently with local honey & bee pollen, and I haven't had a single Spring-related sneeze.

If you've had success with other blends or brands that you trust, leave a comment below so we can keep the good times rollin'!