How Digestive Enzymes Can Turn Up Your Energy & Boost Overall Health

Eating healthy but not feeling any difference in your energy? 
Maybe you notice tension in your tummy after eating certain foods or just can't seem to find the right ones that will relieve bloating?

As in nature, where ecosystems can become overrun by harmful species, similar invasions occur inside our bodies causing the organic flow to be disrupted. Specifically, the sensitive digestive tract can become imbalanced. Your body has millions of microorganisms and enzymes that do the dirty work of breaking down your food from large particles through chemical processes, passing the nutrients along to be absorbed and used by the body. Think of this as a living environment inside your digestive tract. (Kind of creepy I know, but it's true!) 

When your body's natural enzymes are diminished, you might as well be throwing your food away. Your system can't break down carbs, sugars, fats, or proteins, which means you are not really receiving nutrients, leading to malabsorption.  

With 80% of your immune system being in your digestive tract, it's crucial to understand the importance of giving your body what it needs to stay healthy so it can give you the energy, positive moods, and balanced weight you want. While building awareness and intuition with your own body, you will get to know the cues and signs it sends when needing attention in different areas...

Some common signs of imbalance & digestive stress are:

  • Low energy in spite of eating wholesome, nutritious foods
  • Tension &/or bloating after eating
  • Poor sleep quality, even with 8+ hours of rest
  • Dull skin and hair, brittle nails
  • Feeling easily stressed without new external stimuli 
  • Poor memory & lack of focus 
  • Sluggish digestion & excretion of waste

Now for the natural fix: Using digestive enzymes to get the most out of your nutrition. 

Digestive enzymes are naturally occurring. Your body produces its own enzymes in the gallbladder, liver, & pancreas. Common toxins, both external & internal, can accumulate easily, putting a serious strain on these organs to function as quickly as we need to detox and digest foods. Taking a digestive enzyme supplement helps to destress these organs, support the breakdown of food, and aid in the removal of toxins as digestion moves more swiftly. Some really powerful enzymes are found in Pineapple & Papaya. Others are in probiotics which are good bacteria.

I have recently found and absolutely love this week's featured product: Vimerson Health's Digestive Enzymes. Their digestive enzymes are powerful and well-sourced, with no fillers, allergens, or GMO's. They also contain probiotics & prebiotics. 

I take them throughout the day, starting first thing in the morning, and before each meal. With former Leaky Gut Syndrome, years of antibiotic treatments, and chronic pancreatitis, I have to be hyperaware of what goes into my body and how much stress it will cause. These enzymes relieve bloating, tension, and help digest meals with ease and comfort. I sleep thoroughly and my energy is always better when utilizing supplements. 

The difference is a 180 degree turn around compared to feeling drained after eating anything big or small and gaining weight no matter what I eat. I know that my body is really getting the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it should be from my diet when it's supported. Staying healthy shouldn't cost you your last dime either (can I get an amen?!). The ingredients in the Vimerson Health brand are so rich but the price is a steal! 

Here is their link if you would like to check it out:

*Always check in with your primary care physician with concerns and consult with them about using enzymes in your routine.*