The Gift of Herbal Medicine: Tamed Wild Apothecary's Wild Medicine Box

Calling all herbalist, spiritualists, & earthly medicine lovers!

I am so frickin’ excited for this product of the week, it’s the gift that keeps on giving! Tamed Wild Apothecary’s Wild Medicine Boxes are monthly lifestyle subscriptions with unique themes. They are a really sweet way to get into herbal medicine & learn a little bit at a time. The packaging is friendly with a free-spirited vibe.

In the Mini Wild Medicine Box, you are given an herbal tea, a featured herb, a crystal, & a harmonious surprise like candles or jewelry pieces. Along with your new collection, you receive a description of everything in the box & directions for how to use each element.

The April box focuses on seasonal allergies (totally in sync with this month’s Journal!).


For April, I received:

1 Herb Packet: Fresh Peppermint

1 Herbal Tea: Blend for allergy relief 

1 Bottle of Burdock Root: Raw Burdock, with an adorable vial to infuse an herbal tincture 

1 Prasiolite Crystal Bag (Chosen at random for my box): known as Green Amethyst, Prasiolite helps to bring intentional expression into everyday life & clears negativity. As a part of the Amethyst family, this stone resonates with the nervous system and can be helpful for insomnia, nightmares, and aligning the crown chakra. 

The Mini Wild Medicine Box feels like a monthly Christmas present! I still have the teas & herbs from the first box I received in January (a little goes a long way)...

They have a few other boxes to choose from & have just released a few new ones!

You can check them out here. :)

Cheers to your herbal endeavors!